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  • William WordsworthThemes of “The Thorn” by William Wordsworth

    Themes of “The Thorn” by William Wordsworth

    Theme of Nature Wordsworth depicted nature in a way that the outside natural world reflects the inner, subconscious, and emotional aspects of the human soul. The first five stanzas of the poem The Thorn are entirely devoted to detailed descriptions of the thorn, moss, pond, and mountain, which serves as an example of this Romantic theme. The thorn is described…

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  • William WordsworthCritical appreciation of “The Thorn” by William Wordsworth

    Critical appreciation of “The Thorn” by Wordsworth

    William Wordsworth composed the poem “The Thorn,” which was released in 1978. The poem was a component of a book of poetry. In “The Thorn,” a woman’s struggle to live with her immense loss and grief is depicted. Style The Thorn Genre Lyrical ballads are a genre, as is Romantic poetry. Tone  The tune has a very meditative tone, but it has a peculiarly mournful and gothic feel to it. The atmosphere is generally alternately depressing and suspenseful. Speaker or Narrator A first-person speaker who…

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  • William WordsworthCritical appreciation of Lines Written in Early Spring

    Critical appreciation of “Lines Written in Early Spring”

    Introduction: William Wordsworth, an English Romantic poet, wrote “Lines Written in Early Spring” as a reflection on the harmony of nature and how humanity has failed to replicate that harmony. The 1798 poem, which appeared in Wordsworth and Coleridge’s Lyrical Ballads, describes a speaker lounging in a pleasant grove on a spring morning. He is moved to regret “what man…

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