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Analysis of The Warden of the Tomb by Kafka

Franz Kafka wrote an expressionist play “The Warden of the Tomb”. Written in 1916-1917, the play

Character Analysis of Words and Music

“Words and Music” is seemingly a play that ultimately concerning the creative process. The play r

Analysis of the Play “Words and Music” by Samuel Beckett

The plot of Samuel Beckett’s radio play Words and Music is at once dismayingly simple in its minima

Themes and Meanings in “Words and Music” by Samuel Beckett

Apart from “Words and Music”, one key theme working by nearly all of Beckett’s work is that wor

Borges Labyrinth in The Library of Babel

The unusual loops within the story reinforce the concept that the Library and its books form a labyri

The Library of Babel and Its Philosophical Context

Borges renders the Library as a philosophical dilemma using strong opposites using structure as an al

Wordsworth’s Theory of Poetic Diction Explained

It has been supposed that Wordsworth’s idea of poetic language is merely a response towards, and a

Aristotle’s Concept of Catharsis Explained

In Poetics, Aristotle writes that the perform of tragedy is to arouse the feelings of “pity and fea