• Marxist Feminism in Margrat Drebel's Novel The Ice Age

    Marxist Feminism in Margrat Drebel’s Novel “The Ice Age”

    The Ice Age, by Margrat Drebel, tells the story of three sisters and their tumultuous lives as they are caught in the conflict between traditional patriarchal society and the emergence of radical feminist ideas and movements during the first decade of twentieth century Germany. In this article I will show how Drebel’s novel resonates with the Marxist feminist critique of…

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  • Marxism-Literary-Theory-and-Criticism-in-Literature-1

    Marxism Literary Theory and Criticism in Literature

    Marxist criticism is a theory that is commonly related by people to communism. Marxism is used in communist countries, such as USSR or Soviet Union (Russia), China, North Korea, and Cuba. This theory was developed by a German philosopher named Karl Marx, and he developed this theory along with his friend, a German sociologist named Friedrich Engels. Marxism is also…

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