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    Difference Between Russian Formalism and New Criticism

    Both Formalism and new criticism are approaches that advocate for the particular use of language in literary works. The literary language is completely different from non-literary language, according to them. Literary languages use varied literary devices to draw the reader’s consideration to itself. The writer’s function is irrelevant for each approaches. The language of the textual content is all that…

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    What is Russian Formalism in Literature?

    Russian formalism is a literary theory and analysis, which emerged in the second decade of the 20th century. As it  began in St. Petersburg and Moscow, henceforth often known as Russian Formalism. This movement consists of some essential names like Viktor Shklovsky, Boris Eichenbaum, Roman Jakobson, Jan Mukarovsky, Rene Wellek, Peter Bogatyrev, G. O. Vinokur, Boris Tomashevsky, Osip Brik and…

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