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  • Classical CriticismJustify-T.S.-Eliot-as-a-Modernist-Poet-1

    Justify T.S. Eliot as a Modernist Poet

    T.S Eliot is likely one of the most vital modernist poets. The content of his poem and his poetic style give elements of the modern movement that was well-known throughout his time. Modernism, “a rejection of traditional 19th-century norms, whereby artists, architects, poets, and thinkers either altered or abandoned earlier conventions in an attempt to re-envision a society in flux.”…

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  • Classical CriticismWhat-is-the-Importance-of-T.S.-Eliot-as-a-Critic-1

    What is the Importance of T.S. Eliot as a Critic?

    Eliot is undoubtedly one of England’s best literary critics from the perspective of his critical writings. His five hundred and odd essays, sometimes revealed as reviews and articles, had a far-reaching effect on literary criticism. His criticism was revolutionary, which inverted the critical custom of the whole English-speaking work. John Hayward says: “I cannot think of a critic who has…

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