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Moral Story: “Might is Right”

In a peaceful valley between towering mountains, a sparkling stream flowed through the meadows. The sound of the flowing water filled the air, inviting animals of all kinds to quench their thirst.

One sunny day, a lamb wandered down to the stream. The lamb lowered its delicate head and began to sip the crystal-clear water. The lamb was enjoying the simplicity of its surroundings.

Unknown to him, a lion came there, silently observing the lamb. With hunger at its best, the wolf saw the opportunity to fill its appetite in the form of the innocent lamb.

As the lamb continued to quench its thirst, it sensed an unfamiliar presence nearby. “So, there you are,” said the lion. “How dare you disrespect me last year?” The lion accused the lamb.

Confused and terrified, the lamb said, “But the noble lion, I have done no such thing. I have been minding my own business.” The lion roared and said, “Don’t you think of lying to me!” This made the lamb more terrified and decided to apologize by saying, “But if you still believe, I apologize.”

The lion was blinded by his hunger and power and refused to believe the lamb’s innocence. He just needed an excuse to eat the lamb. Doing so, the lion pounced upon the poor lamb and tore him into pieces.

Moral Lesson: Might is Right


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