Moral Stories

Moral Story: “Do Good Have Good”

Once a cruel king had a slave who made his work day and night for the king. The king used to beat him and gave little food. The slave didn’t like this miserable life. One day, he ran from the palace and hid in a jungle. There, he saw an injured lion. His paw had a thorn, and he was crying with pain. The slave took pity on him and pulled the thorn. The lion thanked him by licking his feet and went away.

After some time, the slave was arrested, and the king ordered to throw him before a hungry lion as a punishment. The slave was thrown but instead of killing him, the lion started to lick his feet. It was the same lion whom the slave saved once in the jungle.

Moral: Do Good, Have Good

2nd Story of Do Good, Have Good

Once a bee was drinking water at a stream. Suddenly, she slipped and fell into the water. She tried to save itself but could not help. She started to drown. She became hopeless and stopped struggling.

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A dove was sitting on a tree watching the whole scene. She decided to help the bee. She broke a leaf and threw it near the bee. The bee got on the leaf, dried her wings, thanked the dove, and went away.

After some days, a hunter reached the same dove for prey. He aimed at her with his gun. The dove didn’t know the situation. He was about to fire when an insect stung his hand, and his aim was missed. The sound of the fire made the dove to fly away. That was the same bee and she had played her role in saving the life of the dove.

Moral: Do Good, Have Good


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