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Moral Story: “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine”

Once there lived a farmer in the village. He was very idle and it was his routine to put his works to the last moment. He had a piece of land which was ploughed and seeded. But he was always in search of food. One day he noticed that the fencing around his land is broken. He said to himself, “I’ll repair it tomorrow.” The next day, he forgot about that.

One day, some strayed animals entered in his land through that broken fence. He called his wife to drive the animals out of the garden. She was in the kitchen and went out outside to drive away the animals. Meanwhile, a dog was waiting outside to enter the kitchen, and he got the opportunity. Entered and ate all the eatables.

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The farmer hurried to the kitchen and hurled the stick towards the dog, but it hit his son and injured him. All these troubles were because of a broken fence. The farmer understood the moral a stich in time saves nine.

Moral: “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine”

Refrain from being lazy, whether it’s at work, studies or anything related to you. It will somehow make your day/life troublesome.


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