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Epic Hero and Tragic Hero

Tragic Hero and Epic Hero, to the common individual, has no distinction. The primary attribute of a tragic hero is that, he/she will need to have a tragic flaw, which ends up in their downfall. A tragic hero, in contrast to an epic hero, often doesn’t have a profitable conclusion and doesn’t must be neither good nor evil. Read More »Epic Hero and Tragic Hero


“In the Penal Colony”: Themes

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Before analyzing the themes of “In the Penal Colony”, let’s take a look at brief overview of the story.

The story, “In the Penal Colony”, is a fantasy-allegory portraying the essential situation of faith within the modern world. The explorer, representing the humanitarian outlook of a secularist tradition, visits an earth that’s in a state of sin. The previous commandant created and arranged the penal colony and invented its Read More »“In the Penal Colony”: Themes