Literature, if general, is a body of written works whether these works belong to English or any other language of the world. But, this definition is not enough to explain  What is Literature? However, this is a great topic for discussion of what makes a literary text different from ordinary language. In short, Literature is what a piece of text has artistic or intellectual value with a distinct language different from ordinary one. It is also divided into so many kinds like; Poetry, Novel, Short Story, Drama, Fiction, Non-Fiction etc.

Literature serves certain functions in our life (think of the world without books or any writings?).

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Let’s elucidate the brief functions below:

  • One of the functions of literature is for enjoyment or entertainment.
  • Literature can also help us be more imaginative and it can serve as an inspiration.
  • Another function of literature is for us to gain experiences.
  • We can also gain understanding and empathy through literature.
  • Literature also serves as a heritage.
  • One of the functions of literature is to develop our literary and artistic preferences.
  • Through literature you would be able to appreciate the importance of reading.
  • Developing our unique writing style is one of the functions of literature.
  • Literature can also help gain more knowledge.

You can also download our complete PDF guide about these functions with explanation by clicking on the download button below.

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