• Short StoriesTheme-of-Paralysis-in-Dubliners-by-James-Joyce-1

    Theme of “Paralysis” in Dubliners by James Joyce

    Intensive study of Joyce’s Dubliners has shown that this collection, once regarded as a set of bare, episodic stories, is a tightly pattered work depending on symbolic details to clarify its meaning. At the time Joyce began this work, he was much interested in the medical field. In 1902 he entered medical school in Dublin, later went to Paris to…

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  • Short StoriesThe-Concept-of-Death-in-Dubliners-by-James-Joyce-1

    The Concept of “Death” in “Dubliners” by James Joyce

    James Joyce has manipulated the concept of death intensively in Dubliners. ‘Death’ is a common point in many fields such as philosophy, sociology, and literature. Therefore, themes such as death, routine lifecycle, moral and material paralysis of some characters are common in literature. Dubliners consists of fifteen short stories. Although the stories are about different events and characters, the commonality of the…

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