development of english novel in 18th century

  • 18th CenturyEighteen Century (1700-1800)

    Eighteen Century (1700-1800)

    Introduction Eighteen century in England is called the classical Age or Augustan Age in literature. It is also known as the Era of Reason or the Era of Good Sense. It is called classical age because the writers followed the ‘Classicism’ of the ancient writers, which was taken in narrow sense to imply fine polish and external elegance. But as…

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  • Development of NovelRise-and-Development-of-Novel-in-English-Literature-1

    Rise and Development of Novel in English Literature

    The “Novel” is an extended work of fiction written in prose. The novel differs from the short story on the one hand, and the mid-length known as the novella or novelette. Unlike the short story, the novel has an enormous canvas, and therefore it may present a broad, complete image of life, or not less than a multi-level impression of…

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