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  • Paradise LostWho is the Hero in Paradise Lost by Milton?

    Who is the Hero in Paradise Lost by Milton?

    Introduction In the epic poem, “Paradise Lost,” who is the hero? This answer might be a bit more complicated than you think. This book is a work of Christian literature and is regarded as the classic epic poem in English. Despite its lofty origins, Paradise Lost still remains one of the most influential works in Western culture. Milton’s Paradise Lost…

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  • Paradise LostParadise Lost as an Epic Poem

    Elaborate Paradise Lost as an Epic Poem

    Introduction Paradise Lost is a work of epic poetry written in 1667. It is considered by many to be John Milton’s magnum opus and one of the greatest poems in the English language. This poem is about how Satan has been cast out of Heaven and is plotting his revenge on God by trying to tempt humans away from following…

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  • The Age of MiltonChief-Characteristics-of-the-Age-of-Milton-in-Literature-1

    Chief Characteristics of the Age of Milton in Literature

    The Age of Milton has its reference to the seventeenth century was a time of swelling Puritanism and great changes in the Church as well as the nation. It also heralded the beginning of a new era in literature with the introduction of Romantic poetry and prose. During the seventeenth century, England saw a huge change in its attitude towards…

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