An Essay on “A Cricket Match”


  • Introduction
  • Cricket as a Popular Game
  • A Thrilled Match
  • Celebration and Conclusion

Games and sports are a great source of recreation and hilarity. They not only recharge us but also provide us with vigour so necessary for life.

Only a healthy body possesses a healthy mind. A healthy man can work more competently and cheerfully whereas an unhealthy is burden on himself and society. The proper way to maintain a good health is to play games.

The playground prepares us for the battle of real life, which takes endurance to endure its trials. The captain learns how to lead others. A captain possesses all the qualities of a great leader. He instills trust in his team members and understands their personalities.

Playgrounds train us for the battle of practical life.

Cricket is played with high spirit in our country. It is full of suspense, thrill, and interest. It also develops discipline, responsibility, leadership, and sensibility in us.

Everyone loves to play or like cricket. It is also widely watched on the T.V. and its popularity is increasing day by day. One-day matches, in particular, are exciting and entertaining.

Last Sunday, I had a chance to watch a cricket match. The match was played between the teams of Edward College of Technology and Govt. College of Commerce. The match was played at Govt. College of Technology’s playground. The whole college enjoyed the holiday with a thrilled match. There was a huge crowd, and the chanting was at peak.

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Both teams were introduced to the chief guest. The match started at the fixed time. Our team won the toss and decided to bat. Both the teams were professional and experienced. The openers played well.

The more you sweat in practice, the less you blessed in battle.

The brilliant sixes and boundaries were full of thrill. They scored 95 runs in 15 overs. But soon Ali was out. He scored 53 runs. Then the players came on their turn and delighted the crowd with their experienced playing skills. At last, the whole team was out after making one hundred and eighty runs. The match was stopped for a lunch break.

We also enjoyed our lunch to refresh ourselves. Many students were holding flags in their hands to show the support for their teams.

After a short lunch break, the rival team started its innings. Both the teams seemed nervous, and they played cautiously. They only scored eight runs in four overs. But the game took a turn, and the next player played well.

One player practicing sportsmanship is far better than fifty preaching it.

Ernest Hemingway

The rival team scored 157 runs in 47 overs. There was complete silence on the ground. Our bowler played sensibly and got the last wicket. Our college won the match, and our captain was declared the man of match.

The boys were dancing with joy, and the teachers cheered the players for their brilliant performance. It was a great and exciting event for me.


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