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  • PoetryW.B.-Yeats-as-a-Symbolist-1

    W.B. Yeats as a Symbolist

    William Butler Yeats is thought to be one of the vital important representative symbolist of the 20th century English literature who was primarily influenced by the French symbolist movement of 19th century. Symbolism as a conscious movement was born in France as a response in opposition to naturalism and the precision and exactitude of the ‘naturalist‘ college represented by Emile…

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  • A Prayer for My DaughterAnalysis-of-A-Prayer-for-My-Daughter-1

    Analysis of A Prayer for My Daughter by W. B. Yeats

    This poem was written by William Butler Yeats for his infant daughter, Anne. He worries about her. Maud Gonne was a radical, opinionated intelligent lady he had loved, however who had rejected his proposals. In this poem he vents his ideas on her. Stanza 1: The weather is a mirrored image of Yeats’ emotions. The post-war period was harmful. Anne’s…

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  • PoetryAmong-School-Children-1

    Among School Children; Appreciation

    “Among School Children” is a poem by William Butler Yeats. The poem was inspired by poet’s visit to convent school and possesses the themes of aging, unity of existence and body and soul relationship. The setting of the poem is convent school. The tone of poem is serious and thoughtful. The poem is written in first person narrative. It is…

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