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  • A Prayer for My DaughterAnalysis-of-A-Prayer-for-My-Daughter-1

    Analysis of A Prayer for My Daughter by W. B. Yeats

    This poem was written by William Butler Yeats for his infant daughter, Anne. He worries about her. Maud Gonne was a radical, opinionated intelligent lady he had loved, however who had rejected his proposals. In this poem he vents his ideas on her. Stanza 1: The weather is a mirrored image of Yeats’ emotions. The post-war period was harmful. Anne’s…

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  • Poetry

    Question on “Among School Children”

    Question: Elucidate that Yeats’ Among School Children deals with the anxieties of old age and decay. Yeats’ poetry communicates universal and potent ideas, which makes his poetry stillĀ  relevant and suits well for modernism. His unique philosophies and view points provide an opportunity to broaden our understandings and perspectives of life which are still relevant today in our society. Among…

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