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Characters as Vehicle of Ideas in To the Lighthouse

Virginia Woolf discarded both the first person and the third person narration in her novel because sh

To the Lighthouse and Representation of Middle-Class Society

To the Lighthouse is a modernist novel by Woolf where she, in her probably the most well-known essays

To the Lighthouse in Relationship with Art and Life

In “To the Lighthouse” we discover that Mrs. Ramsay opens the novel and Lily Briscoe closes it, b

To the Lighthouse and Human Relations

“To The Lighthouse” has so many fictional characters whose earnest endeavor is to ascertain, with

To the Lighthouse and Stream of Consciousness

The phrase “Stream of Consciousness” was coined by William James to explain the flow of ideas of

To the Lighthouse; Role of Women

Virginia Woolf is an impressive and distinctive novelist who portrays the internal self of the human

To the Lighthouse; Symbolism

To the Lighthouse, no doubt, is full of symbolism. Virginia Woolf’s this novel relies on Stream

To the Lighthouse; Themes

The journey to the “Lighthouse” by characters present the permanence and achievement whic