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  • Renaissance LiteratureChief-Characteristics-of-Renaissance-English-Literature-1

    Chief Characteristics of Renaissance English Literature

    Renaissance literature is a rich blend of early British and European literary traditions. Influences came from the middle ages, classical antiquity, and early modern philosophy. The first literary renaissance in Europe could be dated to 1364 with Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The Renaissance period in England represents a time of artistic, scientific, and cultural revival. The English literature produced during…

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  • Basics of LiteratureHow-Renaissance-Came-to-England_-1

    How Renaissance Came to England? | Characteristics of Renaissance

    The Renaissance denotes the gradual enlightenment of the human thoughts after the darkness of middle ages. The term Renaissance is applied to a period of human history following the middle ages. It is often mentioned to have started in Italy within the late 14th century & to have continued in to have continued in Western Europe all through the 15th…

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