• Basics of LiteratureAnalysis of chameleon by Anton Chekhov

    Analysis of chameleon by Anton Chekhov

    Introduction Chameleon by Anton Chekhov is a compelling, hilarious and moving tale about the hypocrisy of a small Russian town.The Chameleon is Anton Chekhov’s most famous short story. It is a comedy of manners which depicts the life of an upper-middle-class Russian doctor in a provincial town.Chameleon also tells of a woman who marries and has children, but is never…

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  • Jazz by Toni MorrisonWhat-are-the-Important-Themes-in-_Jazz__-1

    What are the Important Themes in “Jazz”?

    The novel Jazz, published in 1992, is the second in a loose trilogy (Beloved, Jazz, Paradise) of novels. The novels don’t share characters however slightly the theme of excessive or obsessive love. Jazz (1992) deals with romantic love and parental love. Its most important plot is set simply after World War I within the Harlem neighborhood of New York City.…

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  • Classical CriticismAristotles-Concept-of-_Plot_-1

    Aristotle’s Concept of “Plot”

    Introduction: – Aristotle’s Poetics has usually been accused of being ‘lopsided’ in its treatment of the topic of poetry, of devoting a significant portion of the discussion to ‘Tragedy’ somewhat than some other type of poetry. This accusation, nonetheless, is met by the answer that the work is of a fragmentary nature, and a misplaced portion might need dealt with…

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