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  • A Dream by KafkaAnalyzing-the-Short-Story-_A-Dream_-by-Franz-Kafka-1

    Analyzing the Short Story “A Dream” by Franz Kafka

    Franz Kafka is an author of power struggles. In his short stories “The Dream” and “An Imperial Message”, he proposes that a person in society has an inside battle between the life they live and the life they think about. Kafka demonstrates this by way of the device of escapes: escapes from actuality and escapes from society. Kafka makes use…

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  • LiteratureOverall-Themes-of-Franz-Kafkas-Writing-1

    Overall Themes of Franz Kafka’s Writing

    Introduction Franz Kafka was born in 1883 in Prague. In his fiction, Kafka was capable to evoke a way of the bewildering oppressiveness of modern life. His characters continually face failure and futility, and so they battle to outlive in a world that’s largely unfeeling and unfamiliar. Themes from his different works The themes of existentialism, prosecution, heavenly judgement and punishment…

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  • In the Penal Colony by KafkaThemes-of-In-the-Penal-Colony-e1586364955429

    “In the Penal Colony”: Themes

    Before analyzing the themes of “In the Penal Colony”, let’s take a look at brief overview of the story. The story, “In the Penal Colony”, is a fantasy-allegory portraying the essential situation of faith within the modern world. The explorer, representing the humanitarian outlook of a secularist tradition, visits an earth that’s in a state of sin. The previous commandant…

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  • In the Penal Colony by KafkaKafkas-_In-the-Penal-Colony_-Analysis-1-e1586365037754

    Kafka’s “In the Penal Colony” Analysis

    A detailed analysis of “In the Penal Colony” including symbolism, style and story’s background. Franz Kafka’s ‘In the Penal Colony’ is a shorty story of the writer that was created in 1914 and revealed to the general public in October 1919. The point of interest of the story corresponds to the ‘go to’ of the Explorer to the penal colony…

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