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  • PoetryRepresentation-of-Death-in-Sylvia-Plaths-Poems-1

    Representation of Death in Sylvia Plath’s Poems

    Death is without doubt one of the vital and recurrent themes within the poetry of Sylvia Plath. Here, certain poems are chosen to point out the poet’s different attitudes to death: death as a rebirth or renewal, and death as an end. Most apparent elements formed her attitudes in the direction of death were the early death of her father…

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  • Basics of LiteratureHistory-of-American-Poetry-1

    History of American Poetry

    Wordsworth has actually stated that “poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions.” A Poem is a stupendous daffodil bloomed within the valley of Heaven within the form of phrases. It is definitely the great thing about purest feelings of heart unfold in vivid colors of pleasure, sorrow, romance, passion, pain, happiness and love. History of Poetry on the world’s…

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  • PoetryFeminism in Sylvia Plath's Poetry (1)

    Feminism in Sylvia Plath’s Poetry

    Sylvia Plath is a type of writers, who’ve most well-liked womanhood in each discipline of life even in her poetry, which is known as Sylvia Plath’s feminism. She considers ladies/women equal to males. She has raised voice in opposition to male domination. Sylvia, at all times thinks that society is depriving women from their authorized and moral rights. Society ought…

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  • PoetryUse-of-Motifs-in-Sylvia-Plath-1

    Sylvia Plath; Motifs in her Poetry

    Sylvia Plath was the Depression personified as she needed to battle with it all through her life. It was the battle of self destruction or self-recognition or some obscure fusion of the each. She suffered incessantly neurotic suits engrained in her childhood. She was obsessive about fears and haunted with fancies. However, she couldn’t escape the hidden workshop in her…

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  • PoetrySylvia-Plath-and-her-Confessional-Poetry-1

    Sylvia Plath and her Confessional Poetry

    The terminology, “confessional poetry” was first launched by R. L. Rosenthal, a professor of English at New York University whereas discussing the work of Robert Lowell “Life Studies”. He also utilized the identical time period for the poetic work of Plath. Plath, by no means, gained recognition in her lifetime. It was after her suicide that she was extensively recognized…

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