• Classical CriticismAristotles-Concept-of-_Plot_-1

    Aristotle’s Concept of “Plot”

    Introduction: – Aristotle’s Poetics has usually been accused of being ‘lopsided’ in its treatment of the topic of poetry, of devoting a significant portion of the discussion to ‘Tragedy’ somewhat than some other type of poetry. This accusation, nonetheless, is met by the answer that the work is of a fragmentary nature, and a misplaced portion might need dealt with…

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  • Classical CriticismAristotles-Theory-of-Imitation-1

    Aristotle’s Theory of Imitation

    Aristotle didn’t invent the term “imitation”. Plato was the first to make use of the phrase in relation with poetry, however Aristotle breathed into it a new particular meaning. So poetic imitation is now not thought-about mimicry, however is thought to be an act of imaginative creation by which the poet, drawing his materials from the exceptional world, makes one…

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