• Idiom Explained Be at a crossroads

    Idiom Explained: Be at a crossroads

    Meaning: to be at a point in your life when you must make a critical decision Example: After earning my degree, I’m at a crossroads. I need to figure out which direction my life should take. As a company, we’re at a crossroads. We can continue business as usual, or we can take a risk and try to grow.

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  • Idiom Explained Pitch a Fit

    Idiom Explained: Pitch a Fit

    Meaning: To become extremely or unreasonably angry or agitated; to have a fury, frustration, or bad temper outburst. Examples: My mom’s going to pitch a fit when she sees what happened to the car! I was so embarrassed when Danny started pitching a fit in the grocery store.

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  • Idiom Explained The man of the hour

    Idiom Explained: (The) man of the hour

    Explanation: A person who is now being praised, applauded, or appreciated by others, particularly for a recent triumph, accomplishment, or other cause for celebration. Examples: Janet was woman of the hour at the office after securing the biggest customer their business had ever had. Ruth: “Hey, what’s going on here?” Dave: “It’s a surprise birthday party for you, Ruth! You’re…

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