Hi, in this post I’m going to show you how you can download files from my website. The process is very easy and you’ll have the desired file in just few clicks. So what you’ve to do is, just follow some steps:

  1. Click on Download button at the end of any post as:

2. You’ll be redirected to ad and click on the red button as shown:

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3. After clicking on it, you’ll see a countdown. When it comes to 0, you’ll see a green box saying Get link.

4. Click on it 1 to 2 times as the first click may open an ad, it won’t if you’re using an ad-blocker ????

5. It’ll redirect to douploads.net

6. After that, un-check “Download with Addons” and solve the Captcha.

captcha and uncheck ad-on

7. Click on “Create download link“.

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8. On the next page just click Download and it’ll start.

download link

So, this was a simple post on how to download files from here. Hope it was easy ????

Note: Some links may also open with Google drive link or Dropbox link.

Suggestions? Share in the comment section ????

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